Sencha Ext JS, building web apps that fit to your business needs

Sencha Ext JS, building web apps that fit to your business needs

Sencha Ext JS is maybe the only JavaScript framework that can be used well to build large applications that run in a web browser.

Sencha Ext JS is the market leading framework to build applications that run in a web browser. It is based on JavaScript and communicates well with PHP, Java or Ruby written backends. The touch and feel of an Ext JS applications is very much like Windows. The large number of components make it possible to develop applications just the way you like it.

Ext JS is suitable for large projects


For over more than 10 years we have build large projects with Ext JS in combination with different kind of PHP frameworks.Sencha Ext JS has very appealing optics that focusses the user on the applications logic. Sencha Ext JS offers many components that makes it virtually possible to build an application as it should be.

The application flow

Ext JS is an Ajax based JavaScript framework that easily communicates with a backend server. Such a backend could be any PHP application using a MySQL database, but it could be based on other technologies as well.

Simple Ext JS Backend Structure

In the end it is based on HTML and CSS, so it has style

Ext JS generates HTML and therefor it is fairly easy to modify the styling with the use of SASS and CSS. With the support of SASS it is even possible to design your own themes. With the help of Sencha Themer it is even easier to construct themes with your own style.

Enovision Movieworld

The Enovision Movieworld application is an Ext JS based application that is using the TMDB free moviedatabase API to show a live sample of what is possible with this framework. It can be seen here.

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