Tell Sencha CMD and Sencha Architect what Ruby installation to use

Tell Sencha CMD and Sencha Architect what Ruby installation to use

This article tells you what you can do to tell Sencha CMD where to find Ruby when it tells you it couldn't be found.

Earlier this week I had some serious problems when Sencha CMD told me all the time that it couldn't detect the Ruby on my system. And that while I was 100% sure that it was there.

Ruby not found with Sencha CMD

Tell Sencha where you have hidden the ruby

It is possible to override the automatic search for Ruby by Sencha CMD or Architect by adding it to Sencha.cfg. Sencha support gave me the following instructions on how to do this. Handy, for it is nowhere documented in the Sencha online documentation. (information based on Windows 8.1 installed PC)

System wide

By placing configuration options on C:UsersMebinSenchaCmdsencha.cfg, which takes precedence over Instance-wise configurations and applies to all installed versions.

User wide

By placing configuration options on C:UsersMe.senchacmdsencha.cfg, which takes precedence over System-wise configurations.

Instance wide

By placing configuration options on C:Users//Sencha/Cmd/

What to tell

In any case, it is suggested to modify C:Users//Sencha/Cmd/ since it is an already-existing file. Just add the following line at the end of the file (replace the right patch to your Ruby installation):


This will explicitly instruct cmd to find your ruby install there. Sencha Cmd should work properly with either ruby 2 or 1.9.3, previous versions ( and below will only work with ruby 1.9.3).

But that was not my problem

Just to make sure what the problem could be, why Sencha CMD or Architect can't find your Ruby installation also check your PC protection software. I have Comodo Security Suite installed and the problem why Ruby couldn't be found was because of the automatic sandbox feature in this software. And it sandboxed Ruby. That was after all my problem, that cost me several hours to find out. So be careful that you don't blame Sencha too soon for not finding your Ruby.

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