Marketing takes over the internet, stop annoying ads please

Marketing takes over the internet, stop annoying ads please

This contribution I wrote more out of frustration. It is about the recent changes in internet presentation regarding annoying popups and ads.

This contribution I wrote more out of frustration. It is about the recent changes in internet presentation regarding popups and advertising. More and more it seems that websites start to look like American TV stations. Commercials everywhere and at anytime.

Video ads are not only stealing your time, they are simply annoying

Commercials are hard to avoid

But as long a commercial has a more or less static place on a page and has no sound, one could more or less live with it. But lately commercials are placed more often as videos that spontaneous start to play and make sound. Even on newspaper websites you are confrontated with vido ads that make a sound. It's not that only obscure websites have these annoying ads.


Latest news is that also Facebook is planning to start this fall with video advertising. To don't make customers feel uneasy about this, the videos of maximum 15 seconds have no sound (for now). But the videos will play, if you like it or not.


Video and News channels

A video network like Youtube is losing its charm through the enormous amount of advertising that interrupt playing. There are ads that the visitor can skip after 4 seconds and ads that play 15 seconds. Finally there are these annoying popup ads and messages in the video that you have to click away.

CNN is using a large amount of video on their website. But on every video that you like to watch you have to go through a video ad of sometimes up to 30 seconds. 30 seconds for a video of sometimes less than 2 minutes, that is 25%.

It is not an exception to bug the visitor constantly with video ads. It will greatly change the way we will experience internet in the coming years. And maybe US citizens are used to the fact that every 10 minutes you are bothered by something that has no information value at all to you, but not everybody can appreciate this.


The popup window revived

Sometimes there seems to be no balance in good taste, functionality and visitor enjoyment. Just after the internet browsers was commonly accepted, it didn't take long that users where bugged with endless popup windows with commercials. The browser manufacturers came with build-in popup blockers and for long it seemed to be the cure to great annoyance.

But the popup and sliding popups are back. With the capabilities of JavaScript (and jQuery) the ways to present content in a browser has almost no limitations. Bloggers see it as service to their visitors to constantly have their blogs come up with annoying windows asking about subscribing to their newsletter or do a review. And while you are browsing annoying message slide in, informing you about what other readers also thought what was interesting.

There seems to be no limit anymore in how website designers think that a user will experience their site. Well, most of them certainly can use a communication training of some kind or maybe just try to talk to a real person once in a while.

advertising doesn't work

What will the future hold?

Internet shows clearly that many designers can make beautiful things, but have no taste. Websites become more like the annoying sales lady that bugs you in a store before you even had a good look at the merchandise.

I think that this "neck breathing" has just started. It is going to get worse. The hottest business is the internet business. Marketing in algorithms and user statistics. And unfortunately most money have to come from advertisers that don't care about what the customer says, they follow what customer behavior statistics tell them.

Advertising is like locust all over the internet


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