How to create a desktop or menu item for an appimage program in Ubuntu

How to create a desktop or menu item for an appimage program in Ubuntu

This quick and easy howto post shows how to create a menu or desktop item for `AppImage` applications in Ubuntu.

We assume the following for this example.

  • Location of the AppImage file: ~/apps/navicat/
  • Name of the AppImage file: navicat15-mysql-en.AppImage
  • Icon: ~/apps/app-icons/navicat.png

Create a new file in the folder ~/.local/share/applications named navicat.desktop. You can do from the Nautilus Filemanager or whatever filemanager you are using. Sudo is not required.

Useful Tip
When you can't create it with the right-mouse click menu, just copy another one, rename it and edit from there with your favorite editor

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Navicat MySQL Database Manager

That is all there is. The folder ~/.local/share/applications is watched automatically and when using the menu application Alacarte you see that after saving this file it is automatically updated.

with the following content:

and now you can search for it as well:

Google for the icon

Unfortunatel I haven't figured out on how to extract the icon from the AppImage file, but simply google to find the icon is not that much of a hassle. I have put the icons in a seperate folder, just to make sure that the icon doesn't disappear when I unintended delete the folder containing the program itself.

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