Solve Wordpress problem when you can't add images to posts

Solve Wordpress problem when you can't add images to posts

This article shows how you can debug and solve Wordpress problems when your media won't insert into posts.

Wordpress is a great CMS, but sometimes a little sensitive when installed plugins are starting to mingle with the quality of your admin backend. This article shows how you can debug when your insert media (with the media manager) doesn't insert the images in your post anymore.

Minimal requirements for debugging

  • Access to your Wordpress admin backend
  • Google Chrome (developer tools)
  • A bit of experience with debugging (not much)

What is happening

The video below shows in 15 seconds what goes wrong. Please have a look.

How to debug and solve this Wordpress problem

Open in Google Chrome the developer tools (CTRL-SHIFT-I) or via the

button in the upper right corner and select Tools-Developer Tools. Make sure you do this on the page where you are editing your post where you want to insert the image. The display should look a bit a like this.

First press the


button below the "console" tab. Everything that is below this button is now cleared. Now click on the "Add Media" button and repeat the process to insert an image. Now chances are big that it will come with an error on the place were you just cleared the content.


At the right of the red message it is also telling us where it went wrong.


Now double-click on this file name to open up it contents to the exact line where the error occurs.


Now hover with your mouse over the filename in the tab to see where exactly this file is located on the web server.


There you are /wp-content/plugins/smart-image-link-widget/js/uploadjs?ver=3.8.1". The most important part is marked in yellow, for it tells us that the problem is with a plugin named smart-image-link-widget.

Now you have 2 options. You can deactivate the plugin or you can see what is wrong and debug it yourself.

Never use plugins which are in conflict with your a part of your Wordpress installation or other plugins

Deactivate the disruptive plugin and see what happens


In this article I showed how a certain plugin caused the problem. It doesn't mean however that in your case it is as easy as that. But I suggest you try this method first before following the advise you get a lot, deactivate all your plugins and find out which one is the cause by enabling them one by one. This is on a live website something that you should avoid as much as possible.

Neal Schaffer
6 years ago
Thank you so much! This post was a lifesaver!!!
The Frosty
6 years ago
I wish this was the case for my issue. I've got some small bug somewhere that's 302 redirecting AJAX requests to the home page. I know the issue, just can't find the culprit.
4 years ago

Worked like a charm - good to know when you take over a site that someone else started.

Nelson Sam
3 years ago
I updated my wordpress after that am not able to add an image on my blog post and also my media isnt showing
Dzen Dzimon
3 years ago
Thank you man
ethel nyabeze
2 years ago
I was having problems adding images to my blog post.
I followed your advice and instructions and the problem was solved right away. Thanks.
Zahid Hussain
2 years ago
Thanks for the information. I was looking for it for 2 days and finally found here.
Awais Bhatti
1 week ago
Well it is great guide. This problem also occured in my new wordpress version but you nailed it. Thanks

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