Babelmap, a handy freeware font viewer tool for Windows

As developer or designer it is almost impossible to avoid webfonts. I have already wrote articles about glyphs and the AwesomeFont for usage in ExtJS software. But it quite hard with new fonts to have an immediate overview what the font offers without the use of cheatsheets that might be offered on websites.

Since recently I am using the tool Babelmap. It is available for free and it will show you about all you need to know about a font, including the very handy character map with its hexadecimal position in the font.


Babelmap, a real timesaver

The download comes as a zip file with only the executable inside. No installer, just put it somewhere on your harddrive and make a shortcut to it.

What makes this tiny software very handy to use is the possibility to open font files from a local directory. It is not required that a font has to be installed on your system. In the image above you see the FontAwesome presented. It is worth checking out, it could save you a lot of time.


Download link to Babelmap

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