WordPress Plugins: WPML flag in menu Extended

This plugins shows translated flags (for every language except current viewing lang) in any selected menu in the plugin settings. The plugin has LTR support.

This plugin requires to have the WPML translation plugin installed.

In addition to the WPML Flag in Menu Plugin from Ramon Fincken, this plugin let you select on which menu you want to add the language flags. You can even make an empty menu and make it dedicated for your language flags and put it as a custom menu in the sidebar.

Plugin settings

To make the flags appear on a translated menu, you go in the settings of the plugin and add the translated menu to the selection you made. This has to be done with every translated menu where you want the flags to appear.

So, if you just have translated a menu. Go back to the options of the widget and you will see that this translated menu is added to the list. Select this menu too and save the options.

Flags added to existing menu

wpml-flag-in-menu-extended screenshot 1

When you select the menus here, it will add the language flags to the end of the menu selected.

WPML Flags in Menu

Create a flags only menu and use it as a widget

You can also create a menu for only flags. Just create a menu as you would normally do with WordPress. Only add one option to the menu as a custom link (See image below). The URL will be modified by WordPress after saving the menu, but that doesn’t influence the proper working.

WPML Flags in Menu

Now you can easily add the menu to a widget area as a custom menu. Don’t forget to add also this menu to the selected menus with flags in the plugin settings of this plugin. See image above. Otherwise it will show an empty menu.

WPML Flags in Menu

When added a custom menu to a widget area, the result could look like the image below. It depends however on the CSS styling rules in your WordPress theme.

wpml-flag-in-menu-extended screenshot 2

CSS Styling

WPML Flags in Menu

You can also add an additional class for the IMG and LI tag. On the LI tag is automatically added the class “not-last” for all flag items but the last one, and “last” for the last flag.


In the sample you can see the CSS style li.wpml_flags.not-last. This CSS definition applies to all the flags, but the last one, where the “last” applies only to the last flag. This makes it easy to remove any right margins or paddings on the last flag.

By adding the widgets id to the style rules you can make styling even more precise to a certain part of your page layout.

Right justify the menu with a wrapper

WPML Flags in menu

You can add a wrapper class around the flags and add some CSS styles on it. To right-justify the menu you check:


Next you select “div” or “span” and any additional wrapper classes. In case you have selected “span”, it is possible that you have to change the line-height attribute because it could already be set on the span tag in your theme’s CSS.

Now your CSS could be having the following extra code:

Where the #main-nav could be different with your situation.



WPML Flags in Menu plugin and download page

Johan van de Merwe
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  1. I have installed your plugin along with WMPL and WPML flag in menu. Flags do show in the main menu, but I don’t find your plugin’s setting page anywhere. Where is it?

    • Johan van de Merwe

      Hello Daniel,

      The options can be found in the settings menu in the admin menu

      Settings menu in admin panel

    • James van de Merwe

      Are you sure you have the right plugin installed. It is WPML Flags in Menu EXTENDED. The one without extended has no settings.

  2. Sana

    I can’t find plugin settings under “Settings” tab either. Please help ! It is urgent.
    Or tell me how do I remove the flag from Main Menu.
    Thanking you in anticipation

  3. Sven Dall

    Hey, I have installed WPML Flags in Menu EXTENDED.

    Where do I find : the WPML translation plugin ?

    Best Regards

    • Enovision Webmaster

      The WPML translation plugin is a commercial plugin that is required to use this plugin.

  4. First, THANKS – one would think that WPML would have dealt with this, and maybe they have. (Their “documentation” is clearly for WP-super-stars.) … I think I followed your instructions – WP has a “not tested with your version,” and I’m wondering if that IS what’s going on here – i.e., something in the current release “blew you away” – but there’s no flag in sight. Site: firstStepInitiative.org [Note there’s a language menu toward the bottom.] [The what-we-do page IS translated.]

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