WordPress and custom programming

We develop WordPress to your demand. You can extend the functionality of your website with your own plugins.


WordPress Plugin development

One of the strongest points of the WordPress CMS are the plugins. With a plugin you can add functionality to your website, without additional programming. We develop WordPress plugins to your demand.

Sample of a custom made plugin

Sample of a custom made WordPress plugin

A Dutch car dealer liked his new website to be connected to the cars he published on a universal online car market. The last thing he wanted was to add his occasions more than once.

For this customer we developed a plugin that manages the updates, display of the occasions and with a number widgets which he can place anywhere on his website. With an API it is connected to the database of the universal on-line car market.


API, interface to the world

An API is a software interface that programmers can use to connect to other data providers (like weather channels, bank services, RSS feeds or even your own supplier). With an API you can connect to a data provider and use the information returned to your own demand.

If you like to open a data service to your customers, we can also develop a well documented and secure API. It is an opportunity to provide a great service to your customer.

API’s make that it is not required that systems are physically connected.

An example

Suppose you don’t have a webshop yourself but like your affiliates to order at you electronically. You can offer your affiliate an API, which makes it possible to post orders from his webshop to your database. Such an API could also contain routines that give your customer information about your stock availability or updates on the assortment master data.

Custom classes to existing software

Sometimes you like to use existing software or libraries (like TCPDF or PHPEXCEL), but need some help with the integration. We offer class development that create a shell around an existing library, that functions as an interface to your demands.

An example

One of our customers wanted to integrate Excel document creation and downloads in their web software. There are great (free) libraries available for this purpose. Our customer demanded a flexible way of creating a large number of different custom Excel documents. We developed a number of classes that does the job and integrates the standard PHPExcel library. Now new Excel documents are defined as XML files, with all the parameters included.