Windows 8.1 DNS problems with Linux servers solved

After upgrading to Windows 8.1 I had the problem that after a hibernate or restart my laptop had problems resolving the Linux servers in the DNS. There was however no problem resolving Microsoft servers. Just the non-Microsoft servers were not resolved.

To make it even more interesting, the Linux servers had no problem to resolve the Windows servers and the Windows servers had no problem resolving the Linux servers either. It was just that my Windows 8.1 laptop had this problem.

Our setup is a VMWare ESX server with a Microsoft Windows 2008 Server acting as DNS server. In the same network we have a combination of Microsoft Windows servers and Linux Debian servers. The DNS server has many entries for different projects on the Debian servers. I use a Microsoft Windows 8.1 laptop which is client to the corporate domain.

If DNS fails you can always add the failing entries to the hosts file in the path c:[your-windows]system32driversetc, but that is not preferable when you are in a network with many DNS entries.

Solution to the problem

I found this interesting link that seems to have solved my problem. Additionally I have disable the DNS client in Windows 8 services (start, run, services.msc) so that DNS will not be cached anymore on my PC. In the registry editor (start, run, regedit) I have added the recommended keys from the article in the link above.

If you can’t import theses keys as recommended in the article, you can always create them manually. Just follow the path in the registry editor and add the keys.

Another possible solution

If this isn’t working then check if you haven’t got any proxy or DNS modifiers loaded by default that are not native to Microsoft Windows. You can simply check this by opening the MSCONFIG program.


After the program has opened click on the "services" tab and select "Hide all Windows services".


As you can see in the sample above the first service (now disabled) is "Acrylic DNS Proxy Service". My advice is to check out all services that you have doubtful feelings about. A good start is to check out all services that have an "unknown" manufacturer.

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