How to install HotShots Screen Capture on Debian Wheezy (for noobs)

HotShots Screen Capture for Linux

On my search for Screen Capture Software like the not enough praised Screenhunter for Windows, I found most credits for Shutter and HotShots. Installing Shutter was not so hard, but the hotkey didn’t work with the LXDE desktop. So I installed HotShots. Well after figuring out that most blog articles about this software refer to an Ubuntu distro.

How to install HotShots with Debian Wheezy

HotShots Screen Capture

  • Unzip the zip file in your downloads folder.
  • Open a terminal in super user mode (by entering “su”  on the prompt).
  • Type: cd /home/<user>/Downloads <enter>  (replace <user> with your own user)
  • Type: cd /<hotshots-unzipped-folder>/build <enter> (replace the folder name with your unzipped folder name)

In the Install.txt file of HotShots we read something important:

* Linux (test on ubuntu/kubuntu/Fedora/openSuse/CentOS/debian)

Installation of libqxt-dev required (libqxt-devel on fedora)

Go to your Synaptic Package Manager and type libqxt-devIf it is not installed, install it.

Once you have done this, continue with the next step and go back to your terminal su window.

  • Type: qmake -recursive <enter>
  • Type: make <enter> (this step can take a few minutes)
  • Type: sudo make install <enter>

Now everything is installed but not in your application menu’s.

You can find the desktop icon for Hotshots here: /usr/local/share/application.

You can copy this file to your desktop The easiest way to do this is by using the Filemanager of Debian.

Autostarting HotShots with boot

Version 2 (beta) has now a feature in the settings that you can start HotShots with the boot of your system.

HotShots Screen Capture Settings

Remember that if you have version 1.2 installed and decide to install the beta version 2, you have to go through your settings again, for the hotkeys have been changed.

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