Ext.form.CheckboxGroup, select just one or none (update 03.08.2018)

Sample of how the options look like in the select one or none control.

Ext JS Custom control “select one or none”, update August 2018

This post is an update on the original post of November of 2015. I just made an update on this small piece of code because I thought there was a bug in the new release of Sencha Ext JS version 6.6.0. Then I saw the original code didn’t had this selection of “just one or none” was not a custom control. So I updated the code and now it is a control (Ext.ux.form.CheckboxOneOrNone). You can find the fiddle here: link

How to use it?

Original post of November 2015

This is just a small post with a tip how you can have in Ext JS (version 4.2 up to 6) an Ext.form.CheckboxGroup with the ability to select just one at the time, or none at all. I needed this for a project I am working on and while I was searching on the internet I saw I wasn’t the only one looking for something like this. Therefor I shared it with you. The Sencha Fiddle to try it for yourself you can find here: link
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