About Enovision

At Enovision we design and build, since 2008, web applications based on the enterprise, market leading Sencha Ext JS Javascript framework.

We guide our customers defining their requirements based on their demand, processes and procedures. For us it is important what the business of the customers is, before building anything.

Ext JS build applications are scalable and can run in any browser, at any hosting provider. A rich set of components give an application a true desktop experience.

Most of our customers have a PHP/MySQL server backend based on the fast performing CodeIgniter and Slim PHP frameworks.

Our goal is to offer our customers users a maximum experience with user-friendly and fun to use applications.

WordPress CMS

If you are not satisfied about your current website, we offer you services to get your satisfaction back.

We have helped many customers with a new website, better performing website and SEO improvement.

Sometimes great results can already be achieved by doing a few of things different.

Contact us to see what we can do for you to have your website found on the internet.

Wordpress plugin development

WordPress plugin development

We develop custom WordPress plugins to your requirements. We have build many WordPress plugins over the years just to give that little bit of extra that really made the customer happy.

Custom software development

We offer custom PHP programming for system, interface, API or class development. We have a lot of experience with custom programming in PHP/MySQL, HTML, CSS Javascript.